I Dan Crothers declare war on "The persons or organizations responsible for Chem-trails".
I do not as yet know who is responsible for this atrocity perpetrated upon the American people and their offspring nor do I know the full extent of the negative effects it is causing but research documents show that Chemtrails contain Aluminum, Barium along with other caustic particulates that can have a dramatic negative3 effect upon our health.  Why this is happening without any governmental investigation or explanation is unbelievable and negligent. How could an atrocity be done in plain sight on the entire world and no one is doing anything about it?
    Aluminum is a major factor in Alzheimers and loss of ability to think. Yet the amount that is being dumped on us on a daily basis is far beyond safe limits. Please stop this who ever you are. I'm going to find out who is doing this and I'm going to take action to stop this. I Declare War on You!!



Who is causing Chem-trails all over the world?

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