Received as a Kos Message:


 My name is miss Ngone Hadiza, I like your profile in this www.dailykos.com network and I think you are a nice person i want us to be friends i don't know how you will feel about it,please you can write to me through my email   (  Ngonehadiza13@gmx.com  ) not in this site because i am a new in this community and i don't visit this site often I'm sorry if i am embarrassing you, i shall explain all about myself .including my pictures. yours new friends

Thanks & Regards.

Needless to say ngo090 joined on 10/22, has no diaries or comments published and is following one person. Has anyone else received this?

I got something similar once before, quite a while ago. Totally weird, and it's impossible to imagine anyone using a message to a stranger to pass on an email address and offer to send pictures, etc. in what sounds like a message for a dating site (I assume, since I never have gone to a dating site).

So, who has received these here, and how have you responded. I think the first time I blocked the person, and will do so again. But the mind boggles...

Your Email has been sent.