See?  I told you so!  I was right there were problems from the beginning on Obamacare!  While I didn't work with Democrats to improve Obamacare, I knew there were problems Obamacare anyway!
Just when you thought another investigation or subpoena by Darrell Issa wasn't going to happen, think again.


In a letter to two top technology officers at the Office of Management and Budget, Oversight Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) accused the administration of making the “political decision” to mask the costs of insurance premiums online, which he says contributed to the botched website development.

“We are concerned that the administration required contractors to change course late in the implementation process to conceal ObamaCare’s effect on increasing health insurance premiums,” Issa wrote.

“We believe that the political decision to mask the ‘sticker shock’ of ObamaCare to the American people prevented contractors from using universally accepted and OMB-advocated IT ‘best practices’ in the development and roll out of this massive federal government IT project.”

By the way, I have to laugh at this said about Issa per the Hill:


Issa, an ally of Silicon Valley, said the “chaotic mess” of the federal site is what happens when “prudent design and programming decisions are subordinated to politics.”
HAHAHAHAHA.  Issa is an ally of Silicon Valley?  Wait, maybe if you're talking about Hewlett Packard CEO Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina (who also used to be HP CEO from 1999-2005) then I suppose Issa is an ally of SV.

But seriously, there are still liberals and moderates in Silicon Valley as well (I've met them at networking events and start-up pitch shows) and I don't think they like Issa at all.  He might know his IT but he doesn't know his people.

Here Issa appears on Fox News addressing this "investigation" he's launching:


On Fox News Tuesday afternoon, Issa told Gretchen Carlson that he has launched an investigation to find out exactly what went wrong with HealthCare.gov.

Issa began by rejecting White House Press Secretary Jay Carney’s notion that criticizing the website amounts to “Monday morning quarterbacking.” He said, “It is only the first few minutes of the first quarter. There will be trillons of dollars spent on Obamacare. This is not Monday morning, it’s real time.”

He went on to accuse the Obama Administration of “political interference” and suggested that they attempted to “bury the information that people wanted most, which was ‘what do the programs have and what is the price?’” Asked why they would choose to hide the basic facts of the health care plans available, Issa answered with two words: “sticker shock.”

And not surprisingly, Issa's Twitter feed is getting quite a bit of activity.  In fact, all Issa's been talking about for months, long before the government shutdown, is mostly Obamacare-related:

Look, we all know the problems behind the Obamacare website but the problem is, if Issa and others in the GOP would quit wasting their time to REPEAL or DELAY Obamacare and just simply improve it, we might have heard about potential problems on the Obamacare website that would have come before they happened.

But instead, Issa spent months, like the majority of the GOP, doing nothing but putting Obamacare as a litmus test against everything else, including voting on raising the debt ceiling.  Think of the energy that they used on this which could have been used for more productive dialog in Congress.

Sadly, Issa isn't going to change.  He didn't change after he bankrolled the stupid 2003 California Gubernatorial Recall Election.  He didn't change after he became a rubber stamp for President Bush's stupid Iraq War.  He hasn't changed since after launching one pointless investigation after another, whether it be on Benghazi, the IRS or, sadly, the National Park Service.

Here's the voter registration as of February 2013 by the actual CA-49 Congressional District, which combines parts of San Diego and Orange County.  Note the number of Decline-to-State/Independents:


Orange County:  
Democrats:  22,239
Republicans:  44,833
Decline-to-State/Independent:  19,077

San Diego County:
Democrats:  84,282
Republicans:  107,221
Decline-to-State/Independent:  70,938


Democrats:  106,521
Republicans:  152,054
Decline-to-State/Independent:  90,015

Now if you live in or near CA-49 and want a reason to start voter registration drives or take part in them, note that San Diego County Democratic Party has a calendar that keeps track of all activity going on, whether local Democratic club meetings or voter registration drive events:  http://www.sddemocrats.org/...

Darrell Issa has a Democratic challenger in 2014, at least one so far.  His name is Dave Peiser and here is his contact information.  Start firing up the base in CA-49!

Dave Peiser for Congress:  http://www.peiserforcongress.com/

Donate:  https://secure.actblue.com/...

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/...

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/...

Information:  info@peiserforcongress.com  


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