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For those that may not know I've been a huge fan of Babylon 5 for a very long time. It was through that show I was introduced to one of my biggest celebrity crushes, Claudia Christian.

Now what I didn't know is that she struggled with alcoholism at one point. She credits a treatment called the Sinclair Method with saving her life. Apparently it has close to an 80% success rate as a treatment/cure for alcoholism. I'd never even heard of it before she talked about it through Facebook and I checked it out. It is legit but it doesn't get anywhere near the attention it deserves in the states because of the strength of twelve step programs (which I am not knocking. one of those did help my dad. He credits God as being a large part as well, just clarifying a bit). If this method is that successful it needs to be brought to more people's attention.

Currently she's trying to fund a documentary about the Sinclair Method called One Little Pill but the campaign only has nine days left. If anyone can help please check out the link and do what you can. I'm going to donate what I can, because I wouldn't ask someone to do what I'm not willing to do.

Let's see if we can get her funded. This is a good cause and one that really deserves our attention.

Here's the link:


Thank you all. I know there's a lot of spam going on right now, and I hate to bring this up but I really think a signal boost for this is needed.

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