D  Defense excellence YES, waste and mismanagement NO!

 E  Economic recovery for all -- strong labor movement, gains broadly shared

 M  Medical care for all -- high quality and affordable

 O  Others count -- human rights at home and abroad

 C  Clean environment -- looking out for our children and grandchildren

 R  Retirement security -- Social Security and pensions protected

 A  A plus education for all -- high quality and publicly funded

 T  Tax fairness -- corporations and wealthy pay their fair share

 I  Income security -- labor laws enforced, unemployment and disability protected

 C  Clean elections and clean government -- ethics and accountability all around


Too cute by half, I know -- but do you have something "affirmatively" better?

If your not big on 'mnemonic acronyms' -- here's a no-nonsense set of goals and values that affirmatively spells out what it means to be part of the Democracy Party (once again from the same source.)

The Democratic Party is in need of a powerful platform that can be used by all its candidates.

This platform must provide a clear alternative to the Republican agenda.

The platform must provide a comprehensive and concise statement of the Democratic Party's plan to:

1.  Rebuild the economy

2.  Provide high quality affordable health care

3.  Protect the environment

4.  Educate our children

5.  Defend our nation

6.  Provide income security

7.  Protect human rights at home and abroad

The plan must be fair, provide economic justice for all our citizens, be environmentally sustainable, take a holistic systems approach, be fiscally responsible, utilize quality leadership principles and honor human rights at home and abroad.



by Larry Quick, Democratic Congressional Candidate, 14th Illinois District

Once again if you have an "affirmatively" better list of Democratic Party "goals and values" -- please by all means post it.

Democrats have to be For-Something -- not simply just Against-Something ... (let's leave that negativity to the Republicans, since they so obviously excel at it.)

     Post 'em, if you got 'em.

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