The leadership of the GOP is on the path of:


And for them:

GOP = Greedy One Percent

And they have created a world where

GOP = FFF:  Freedom From Facts

Those that follow them are:

Nero Cons

Who don't realize that their heroes are:

CORPservatives - pious with a corporate bias

Willing to ride as the:

1% Privilege Posse

Who promote:

Blue Blood Welfare

And are taking America on the:

Fast track to mediocrity

Why don't we:

Put all the dots so close together than even Donny Dittohead can't help but connect them

Through putting:

Truth Troops on the streets

With signs that immediately discredit the allegations of:

Pox News

And make those holding the key 17 vulnerable GOP House seats:

FTR's:  Final Term Republicans

As a cornerstone of the:

Blue Deal

Which promotes the:

Fair America Platform

For 2014 which, after taking back the House and securing a filibuster-proof Senate, will:

-implement the "1000 Families Top Tax Tier" set at 72% for those making $35 million a year or more
-make all elections for state and federal offices publicly funded, so no more dialing for dollars 60% of the time by our representatives
-mandate hand-counted paper ballots for all elections
-rip out the 14,000 pages of special interest exclusions in the tax codes, including offshore tax shelters
-investigate and prosecute CEOs, lobbyists, and politicians engaged in blatant quid pro quo

And as Practicing Patriots we'll turn the country around so radically that we will by the end of the decade declare Nov. 4, 2014 the original:

Re-Independence Day

Because that will have been the day that we voted out:

-corporate domination of policy and tax law
-religious intrusion into state and federal government
-barriers to aggressively fighting climate change
-barriers to same-sex marriages
-barriers to prosecuting Banksters
-our ongoing global military empire

And began our cultural and ecological evolution, moving forward mindful of choices required to preserve human life on our planet for more than just the next couple of generations. If you look at the entirety of mankind's history and parallel that to the life of a single man, we'll look back on the turnaround of the next few years as when the 28-year old lush hit rock bottom, pushed through denial and got sober. Thereafter he will take a wife that is our mother earth, and care for her lovingly into the golden years just before the sun burns out.

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