Okay, it was a robocall from a local number. But I froze in horror when I heard her name. And why was she calling??

Because the school board elections are coming up. We have the WORST school board ever. They held meetings behind closed doors, brought us VOUCHERS, and they are all Republicans. There's an excellent diary on here by Mark...M... (I am on my IPad because my daughter needs the computer, so I will have to link to his diary later) mentioning that the Tea Party loons are methodically implementing their agendas by starting small...like in school boards.

I live in Douglas County, Colorado. it's a pretty heavily red county. So much so, that I smile when I see the rare "Obama" sticker on a car. But lately, people have four names and four check boxes painted on their rear windows, for the school board election. I haven't had a chance to look them up, and haven't gotten the mail-in ballot yet. So I didn't know if they were the good guys or the bad guys. I thought they were the probably the bad guys, given the predominance of Romney voters in Douglas County.

So I listened to Malkin breathlessly saying NOT to vote for Amendment 66 (so I will DEFINITELY vote for it) and then she started yapping about the school board elections. She rattled off four names that are NOT the names on everyone's rear windshields.

There is hope for Douglas County =)

I have to run, because a friend is having a crisis. But I will check back as soon a s possible. Be sure to VOTE in every possible election!!!

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