Tea Party groups take aim at farm bill, Republicans

Republicans, Sensing Weakness in Health Law Rollout, Switch Tactics


Just two examples of Republicans already moving on.

I'm not a happy by nature. I never was. I spent most of my early life depressed and angry until the proverbial religious experience. Even now, though, I'm never satisfied. I'm not satisfied with having gotten through October without a shutdown. What did we win? As of now, nothing. Obamacare is just going along the way it was supposed to. Are the Republicans down in the polls? Yes, but it's a year from election. So what are they doing now? Preparing for more gridlock on other bills, renewing attacks in the media and planning another shutdown in two months.

We had a few days of dancing on the tombstone and that's fine. Everyone should get to celebrate a victory. But this is a victory in the barest sense. It's really just a continuation of what has been. We didn't move the goalposts farther to the left, we didn't push new progressive policies, we didn't introduce grand legislation to help the lives of common workers. We continued on with something that's been on the books for years and the Republicans got a bloody nose in the polls. Great.

But don't blink. Because your enemy isn't. They're already going for their guns again.

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