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Very interesting factoids from a recent Wisconsin Public Radio/St. Norbert College poll taken during and after the government shutdown which says that Wisconsinites think Congress sucks and that Republicans were responsible for the shutdown.

But the more interesting news is inside the poll:

On Page 6, for example:

If the election for Governor in Wisconsin were held today, do you think that Governor Scott Walker deserves to be re-elected or does not deserve to be re-elected?
Does Deserve Re-Election ................................................ 46%
Does Not Deserve Re-Election .......................................... 49%
Not Sure ......................................................................... 6%
Yowsa!  If 49% of Wisconsinites think Walker doesn't deserve to be re-elected, there's some trouble in FitzWalkerStan.

Want more?

When asked about their approval or disapproval of Federal and State Officeholders, the results look like this (see page 4):

Scott Walker

Strongly Approve               21%
Approve                            29%
Disapprove                        20%
Strongly Disapprove           25%
Have Not Heard of               1%
Not sure                              5%

Ron Johnson

Strongly Approve                6%
Approve                            26%
Disapprove                        21%
Strongly Disapprove           14%
Have Not Heard of              19%
Not sure                            14%

Nearly 1 in 5 Wisconsinites had no idea who Ron Johnson is!!  If anyone of those 1 in 5 is reading this, let me inform them that RoJo is the United States Senator who is supposed to be representing Wisconsin since he purchased the 2010 election.  It was only on election night, the first line of his victory speech, that we were told he was a Tea Bagger.  Prior to election night he successfully pretended to be a Republican whose only focus would be on jobs, jobs, jobs just like his fellow Republican buddy, Scott Walker, who has similarly focused on everything BUT jobs since being sworn in.

Contrast RoJos numbers against our newest US Senator,

Tammy Baldwin

Strongly Approve               10%
Approve                            32%
Disapprove                        21%
Strongly Disapprove           17%
Have Not Heard of               8%
Not sure                             12%

I'd bet my next pension check that Johnson will start running away from the Tea Party when he gets a gander at how unpopular THEY are now:

Republicans in Congress Who Favor Tea Party Policies

Strongly Approve                8%
Approve                            25%
Disapprove                        23%
Strongly Disapprove           37%
Have Not Heard of               4%
Not sure                              4%

With numbers like that, who in their right mind would embrace them?  Then again, I've never said that Republicans are in their right mind.

Please note that the poll was taken BEFORE the statewide John Doe Probe was revealed, so Walkers numbers aren't affected yet by the second investigation.  It was also taken before there has even been any ads on his record or campaign discussion of his quite dismal record, particularly on his promise of 250,000 new jobs in his first term (hint:  he's way, way behind).

I find the numbers fascinating.

Also see this posting for further discussion.


On another note, there's a juicy discussion of the new statewide John Doe at Cog Dis that you might just want to wander over to read.   It includes some interesting history and speculative connect the dots.  It's well worth the time to read it.


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