As others have recently helped to identify, Pete Sessions is the US Representative who has so little respect for the President that he cannot stand to look upon him.  I think we now know why:

That's right.  The Keystone XL Pipeline.  How dare we Democrats oppose such a corporate friendly proposition.  And who profits from the Keystone XL Pipeline?


Why are the Koch brothers funding every effort against Obama?  To get what they want.  The Tea Party fight against the Affordable Care Act is only a means to an end.  We have a couple of billionaires who cannot stand that President Obama will not give them what they want due to the environmental destruction that will result.  So they have joined their money with those who might lose profits due to ACA in order to create a fake 'movement' against Obamacare.  This is simple and transparent extortion.  Koch will continue to ratchet up the rhetoric until they get what they want, regardless of the cost to Democracy.  

It reminds me of movements in the 1930's.

We must not cave on the Keystone XL Pipeline or the ACA.  The light of day is the death to ignorance and obfuscation.

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