What's depressing about the Obamacare website problems is that this was something that the progressives were supposed to get right.  We've been going around breaking our arms patting ourselves on the back that we are the smart party and the other party is the party of bumpkins, rubes, and nitwits.  Well, 'taint necessarily so.  So I think a rather high level of self-examination is in order here.  I don't discount the fact of O-Care sabotage by Ted Cruz and his merry band of pirates, but it seems unlikely they could have affected the website coding.

One other depressing thing is that fact that we have apparently been drawn into a position where something as important as healthcare be flummoxed by a website issue.  I personally blame the decision to attempt to square the circle by rejecting the public option in the hope of preserving the undeserving hides of the insurance companies.

One consolation is one of my new favorite oldies, which I first heard on Breaking Bad of all places, Pick Yourself Up a Jerome Kern song from 1936, as sung by Nat King Cole.

Pick yourself up
Dust yourself off
And start all over again.


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