The Obamacare rollout fiasco, NSA spying on our allies’ leaders, and the nearly-bungled Syria showdown have many democrats shaking our heads.

We know this president has an unyielding and strident opposition, but these are mostly unforced errors.

Is there something about this white house and administration which doesn’t have the chops to perform at the highest level?  Are we talking incompetence?

For those of us who lived through it, I hate to bring this up.  But does this remind you of the “Carter” years?

“Seventy six” was the first presidential I worked on.  Though I was living in Vermont, I spent a month in New York City volunteering for the Georgia Governor.  Elated when we took out Gerry Ford, we then suffered under the inarticulate and ineffectual Jimmy Carter.

No, Barack Obama is no Jimmy Carter.

We love and respect President Obama; but his administration continues to fumble around and hand its opponents opportunities to score points against us.

We can’t always rely on republican high-jinks.  We gathered steam during the shutdown and want big gains in 2014.  This president and white house must show that democrats can do more than prevent extremists from taking over the country.

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