We are tired of being tired.

 photo wokeup_zps115b1409.jpg

We have fought hard and long all week.

 photo WRATH_zps18104dc4.jpg

We think we need a break.

 photo BAD_zps174c4015.jpg

Our replacements have arrived.

 photo KNIT_zps020bdc6a.jpg

But don't worry, we will make sure we stay in shape.

 photo early_zpsdeadd130.jpg

And we will craft a new plan.

 photo BEGUN_zps6b24fb40.jpg

But right now we are feeling a bit jaded.

 photo tolaugh_zps1936e7ab.jpg

So while we get some much needed rest...

 photo relax_zps80d340c5.jpg

And do some serious reflection on stuff...

 photo avalanche_zps82110df3.jpg

It doesn't let you off the hook.

 photo gathered_zps70e5e910.jpg

There are lots of battles you still need to fight.

 photo done_zps649faeea.jpg

Because the important work is never done.

 photo vomit_zpsc9561e9c.jpg

We should be back at it next week.

 photo thumbsup_zps17d28ac0.jpg

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