After checking her labs today, the duty doctor from the transplant practice decided it was okay for her to leave today, which after two weeks in the same room she was delighted to do.

A bit after 4 PM she was brought down in a wheel chair, got into the passenger seat of her car, into which I had already put her various possession, and we headed home, with a brief stop by a pharmacy to fill several prescriptions.

As she has all along, my wife has outperformed expectations.

Her white blood cell count is climbing very rapidly.

The tummy problems are under control, and coming home means
- she gets to cuddle with our cats
- she gets to wrap herself up in the beautiful message quilt from the Daily Kos community.

Today is day 11 since the transplant.  She will largely have to stay home through day 30.  Tomorrow she will have blood drawn on an outpatient basis as they monitor her counts.  That will continue 1-3 times per week through day 30.

Her caregiver is now here in our home, the two of them talking away - they are discovering they have a lot in common.  I think I can safely lead the two of them when the discussion turns to various perfumes about which they are passionate.  Our friend being willing to stay here overnight during the school week is a real blessing, because it means I can leave for school at my usual ungodly hour of 5 AM and not have to worry about a care-giver arriving.

The recovery from her cancer treatment continues.   The next marker is when she can return to her office in a few weeks.

We are not yet ready for my beloved. to have visitors.  She wants to recover her strength a bit first.  Soon, and we will let you know.

Friends are helping with transportation and errands.  

The prayers and support of all of you have made a real difference.  We know that and remain eternally grateful.


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