Here goes my very first diary. I should state at the beginning that I did not encounter the term "pootie" until I came to DK. We have always referred to our cats as "kitties" or "cats". I'll try to get used to the term "pooties", though.

Since Halloween is very close, I thought a Halloween pootie diary might be in order. These are Halloween images starring our current pooties (I really wish I could say "kitties"), Big Sister (not just the larger one, but also the older one) and Little Sister. Here are the images from 2008 through 2013:

Big Sister, 2008:
2008 052208 004 Lolcat

Big Sister, 2009:
2009 Gracie Halloween 101009 0001b 4x6

Little Sister's first Halloween, 2010:
2010 101610 2902p

Little Sister 2011:
2011 101711 6804b 4x6 Halloween

Big Sister is ready to greet the trick-or-treaters, 2012:
2012 101012 0009f Halloween PM

Big Sister, "HAAAPPY HALLOWEEEN!", 2013
100113 7357fbRi 4x6

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