So Feinstein is now "totally opposed" to the NSA spying on American allies and is so shocked at the revelations.

Never mind that she was just fine with the NSA spying on the average American citizen even up to just a few days ago.

I shall not look a gift horse in the mouth; and instead be grateful for this sudden about face, even if it is just in defense of her fellow ruling elites.

What I want to know, now that she is so enlightened to the dangerous nature of the NSA, is she going to apologize?

After all, she has so shrilly and vociferously called Edward Snowden out as a traitor.

For that matter, will Obama also apologize for his comments on Edward Snowden? Granted, they are not quite as repugnant as Feinstein's, but publicly withering nonetheless.

Now that it has been asserted he too has been "kept in the dark" all along by this rogue agency, doesn't that mean that Snowden might have been acting as a patriot? Shouldn't Feinstein and Obama, as fellow concerned citizens, be grateful to the man that exposed these undemocratic, totalitarian-state-like actions?

After all, what's a little public embarrassment when weighed against the fact that a secretive agency in your country has been running a massive worldwide surveillance program unbeknownst to anyone save themselves at the NSA?

Just asking.

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