I don't understand your complaint. I really can't grasp that just because you could not afford "insurance" before this big and awesome program came into action why you are complaining. Alright I get the fact that it was unaffordable before but face it man, it's democrats now and things will be fine.

Obviously Ted you are the only person in America having the problem with signing up and definitely the ony one that can't afford the premium, co-pays and deductibles. Quit your whining man.

Oh wait...

What Digby said...

Some of us saw this coming ...

Saturday, June 01, 2013
But I really don't think that those who are trying to explain the virtues of Obamacare should count on that. If this is a debate that goes beyond one's personal needs and extends into citizenship, egalitarian principles, universality and the common good, it would have been smart to have made it about that from the beginning rather than obsessing about "bending the cost curve" and otherwise implying that people would be paying less. I never thought advocates were very honest about that and it's going to be a shock to some of those who will pay the price.
But I'm going to guess that only the 20% of people in this country who identify as liberal like me will automatically accept that explanation as reasonable. It's going to take a more compelling argument from personal interest to convince the other 80% that the middle class paying higher rates was what Obamacare was all about. Luckily most people are covered by the government or their employers so this won't affect them. But the enemies of Obamacare are sure to exploit anyone who makes a fuss. I wouldn't be sure that these arguments I'm hearing from supporters will carry the day.
What Digby said so long ago that was ignored


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