What happened in Benghazi was a terrible situation and surely, someone dropped the ball, but let's have some perspective here; four people died in Benghazi and well over 4,000 Americans died in Iraq, along with tens of thousands of innocent Iraqi citizens, all because of false intelligence by the Bush administration. The only thing Republican lawmakers could say after all of that was that it was time to move on. Now they want heads to roll over what happened in Benghazi, and especially Obama's and Hillary Clinton's, along with Susan Rice's. Not because they have any proof that any of these three people intentionally did anything wrong but because they so badly want them to have.

As far as I am concerned, it is definitely time to move on from the terrorist attack on Benghazi but I seriously believe actual war crimes were committed up to the lead up to Iraq, especially by former vice president Dick Cheney. We might throw in a few other people too, like former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and maybe even former president George W. Bush. These guys really had it in for Saddam Hussein and they used our military troops to get their revenge.

There are several people who just cannot get past Benghazi, such as Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) and Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.). Senator Graham; probably to shore up Tea Party support, has recently threatened to hold up all of President Obama's nominees until he gets satisfactory answers to what happened in Benghazi by the Obama administration. He will not be satisfied until someone from the Obama administration is charged with some kind of crime and the higher up the better, or Obama is impeached over it. It does not matter if there is nothing more to tell; he will not quit until he gets what he wants.

There is so much hypocrisy and double standards here, that it frankly just gets under my skin to hear these people act indignant as they continue to point fingers and search for endless blame. Then Dick Cheney has the nerve to work the media circuit, doing a little finger-pointing on his own. I think what we should do with him is deport him to the Hague and let him be tried as a war criminal because that is exactly what he is as far as I am concerned.

Of course, Republicans want us to move on when it comes to the Bush administration. Tens of thousands of innocent people died, thanks to their lies and cherry-picked intelligence, but no, we should just move on when it comes to those people's wrongdoings. Instead, let us just keep on hammering away, digging, and digging for information concerning an embassy attack in Benghazi until we can find some kind of guilt on someone in the Obama administration, because four people died.

We all know they really hate this president and anyone who works for him, but this constant search for guilt shows just how blindsided they all are and just how vindictive they can be. I am sure I'm not the only one fed up and tired of hearing these windbags on the right carry on about Benghazi as though the Obama administration had ordered the attack themselves. Yes, Benghazi was a terrible incident and those who committed it should be hunted down and either tried or killed, but the Obama administration is not guilty of anything here but being human and a failure of foresight, if anything.

Yes, it is time to move on because there is nothing here but a bunch of Republican lawmakers trying to find anything to impeach a black, Democratic president, when they should be paying attention to real crimes, which were perpetuated by the former Bush administration and not Obama or any of his staff or former staff. So get over it already; Benghazi will never be more than mistakes made but the Iraq war a tragedy of huge proportions, set about by a group of warmongers willing to take innocent men and women in or military, into a war that should have never happened, just to satisfy their lust for revenge and a huge supply of oil.

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