With a reflection of the U.S. Capitol dome serving as a backdrop, U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) reacts to a question about negative perceptions of Tea Party Republicans during the Reuters Washington Summit in Washington, October 24, 2013.  REUTERS/Jim Bourg
We can't vote Ted Cruz out next week, but we can take out his friends.
Goal ThermometerIt's been a busy few months for our little friends across the aisle.

There was that whole attempt to destroy the world economy, all over a hissy fit over a law they don't like and can't overturn via democratic means. There's that continued insistence that government-mandated transvaginal probes are a good thing, because of freedom of course. How about the crocodile tears over Healthcare.gov, as if Republicans aren't actually cheering the site's launch glitchiness? And nothing says "pro-family" more than tearing immigrant families apart, and refusing to engage in a comprehensive solution. Forget it if you're gay, or brown, or female, or from outside Alabama and similar environs.

You have Republicans saying that they'd vote for slavery if given the chance (really!), saying that Chief Justice Roberts isn't a real conservative because he wants to fill judicial vacancies (really!), Republicans claiming that the US Army is preparing to execute Christians (really!), Republicans still claiming Saddam had weapons of mass destruction (really!), Republicans thinking Suzanne Somers is an "expert" at anything (really!), and even Republicans saying that democracy is irrelevant in pursuit of their agenda (really!).

We may be a patently partisan group of folks here at Daily Kos, but we're well within the mainstream of the American people in hating the GOP. And in a week, Virginia gets first whack at taking out Republicans. Republicans like Bush-era super villain and now-Virginia Del. Barbara Comstock:

“Unlike my opponent, I would not vote for transvaginal ultrasounds, especially not for rape victims,” [Daily Kos-endorsed Democrat Kathleen] Murphy said at one point, referring to a proposal that would have required women considering an abortion to undergo the invasive procedure. Comstock guffawed and said Murphy distorted her record on women’s health issues.
Ha ha ha! Transvaginal probes are hilarious! Fuck her. Seriously, fuck her. And all her friends.

So if you haven't given to our slate of Virginia candidates, time is running short. Do it now! Over 3,500 of you have already done so, but we are a bigger community than that.

Republicans are impervious to reason or reality, but they can't unskew election losses.

Originally posted to kos on Wed Oct 30, 2013 at 12:30 PM PDT.

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