Even according to its own financial assessments, Facebook (FB) is becoming passé.  Young adults are skipping the service in favor of Twitter, Reddit and Tumblr.  Part of the reason is the monitoring that FB allows.  Any young person’s parents can pry into what has been posted to their account, can see who their friends are, and most kids don’t like such watchfulness, even though it serves a very useful safety purpose.  Plus, anything that’s five years old is going to be ridiculed as belonging to grandma’s time anyway amongst the young.  

Older FB members seem equally disenchanted.  If you read the comments section below the linked article, posters complain of a lack of relevancy and usefulness.  I personally think FB is a fad whose golden moment is behind it, and like all things of little substance that were once fashionable, once the word is out that it is no longer “cool” the stampede to get as far away from it as possible begins.

Another part of the disenchantment may stem from FB’s feverish attempts to keep interest up by creating new “features” that really don’t add anything to the experience.  What they do is clutter the site up.  I have a Facebook page that I don’t visit anymore, but last week I got an invitation from some “group” (not identified in the email).  I clicked the link and ended up in a mess of gewgaws. Nowhere was there any link to join any group, so I closed the whole thing down again.  Apparently “invitations” from FB are just more bullshit efforts to drum up interest.

Any Kossacks still active/avid users of Facebook?

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