It is not an objective construct.

It is not independent of consciousness.

The only objective metaphysical construct is existence itself.
The holistic totality of the universe.
That is existence.
And it merely is.

The rest is consciousness inserting itself into observation.
Collapsing the wave function.

Consciousness classifies.
It categorizes.
It groups.
It delineates.
It linearizes existence.
It does this to function.
It organizes input.

The universe aware of itself.

But time-space/space-time is not a function of existence.

It is not a fundamental aspect of existence.

It has no bearing on existence.

It is only a function of consciousness.

We can only truly begin to understand the nature of existence if we realize it does not adhere to our concepts of time-space/space-time.

It is a byproduct of our consciousness, not an inherent attribute of existence.

It is so fundamental to consciousness that it leaves it's imprint and residue upon all we investigate, and becomes the source of all the conundrums in our questing.

It's the mirror within the mirror.

The obvious answer we overlook, because we can't see our own eyes.

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