China has poisoned our pets and their own infant children, and yet we keep doing business with them. The latest "deal" our corporate food masters have come up with to boost profits is   sending our chicken to be processed in their factories, then re-importing the Chinese processed chicken to the U.S. under American brand names.

What health atrocity does the Chinese food market have to commit to get us to STOP buying their poisonous food?

How about if they make cooking oil from sewage?

The next time you consider eating Chinese street food you might think twice.

The use of gutter oil it turns out is pretty common. This refers to a process of pulling waste oil from sewers, grease traps, waste from slaughterhouses, reprocessing it and then selling it as cooking oil.

Gutter oil is reported to account for one-tenth of cooking oil in China, according to experts cited by RFA. Besides being downright disgusting, the oil is also said to contain carcinogens and other toxins.

China has been fighting the practice for years. Earlier this month a man from China's Jiangsu province was sentenced to life in prison for making and selling gutter oil, Xinhua reported.

China has long battled food safety concerns. But in a country where cooking oil is at a premium, it will likely be a while before officials can effectively crack down on the practice.

From The Washington Post:
To reiterate, this is illegal, something that Chinese authorities are trying to stop and not used by all street vendors. But it's also thought to be widespread. Being reprocessed garbage and sewage, gutter oil contains all sorts of untold carcinogens. Many of the operations, like the one shown in the video, are small-time. But there's enough money to be made that some producers go much bigger.

In April, Chinese authorities uncovered a gutter oil production ring that spanned 13 cities and over 100 people, who somehow acquired rotten animal parts and boiled down the fat into oil. The sting, which came after a five-month investigation, yielded 3,200 tons of the stuff; authorities estimated the black-market producers had already sold a stunning $1.6 million worth of their product.

A "mouth-watering" video of the process here:


What can eating this stuff do to you?

Aside from the ick factor, there are serious health concerns associated with gutter oil. It can be contaminated with the fungus aflatoxin, which can contribute to the risk of liver cancer. This page at the U.S. National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences looks at the correlation between chronic aflatoxin exposure and liver cancer rates across the world. It’s striking how high liver cancer rates are across Asia, including China, and in parts of Africa. Waste oil is not the only source of aflatoxin, but its prevalence in China clearly adds to the problem here.
(Did I miss something? I don't seem to recall the U.S. edition of Time Magazine running this story)

Folks, the Chinese are LITERALLY putting shit in food and selling it to people. Can we now say they have crossed the final line? Or is this just another one of those "maximizing share holder value" things?

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