I like the Obama care provision providing rebates to policy holders.  I think that should be applied to all insurance companies.

My husband and I recently changed our house insurance and car insurance.  It started with the car.  We were paying several thousand dollars for insurance that we had never made a claim against and no longer have minor aged, or any aged, children on our policy any longer.  My husband called our insurance company to see if anything could be done to lower our insurance cost because of the above factors.  We also have vehicles that are at least 7 years old.  The insurance company basically told us to pound sand and so we shopped around for cheaper insurance.  We went to AAA, can I say that?  We spoke to a real person and had our insurance reduced by about 50%.  The AAA agent called our insurance company to inform them of the change and we had to speak to them to verify everything.  In the course of this conversation the person from our previous insurance company said " Why don't you speak to one of our agents and we'll see what we can do to reduce your cost."  To which my husband said we already tried that and were told no can do, so we are done with you.    
Well we just moved our house insurance to AAA and got savings and increased our insurance  coverage still paying less than with our previous company.  
Now what I am pondering is why aren't car and home insurance companies required to give their customers a rebate every year that they don't make a claim to the insurance company.  We have paid out tens of thousands of dollars in insurance and have make no claims.  With Obama care if the insurance company does not pay more than, I think,than 80% of your premium to healthcare services you are due a rebate.  Why can't a regular insurance company do the same?   I think we need OBAMA CAR CARE and OBAMA HOME CARE.  So, what do you think?  Talk about economic stimulus.  This could be a boom.

Also, my son just did the same thing and he saved several thousand dollars and increased his insurance coverage.  Just saying.

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