BREAKING: There are reports of a shooting incident at LAX Terminal 3.
According to Business Insider:

Witnesses Report Shooting At Los Angeles Airport
Pamela Engel and Adam Taylor 11 minutes ago 395

Witnesses on Twitter are reporting there's been some type of shooting at LAX airport in Los Angeles.

CBS Los Angeles reports that LAPD confirmed there's been an incident at the airport, but further details aren't yet available. The incident is reportedly at Terminal 3.

A "stampede of people" reportedly started running onto the tarmac after the gunfire broke out, according to Fox Sports' Bill Reiter, who is on the scene.

People are reportedly being evacuated from the airport, although it's unclear how widespread the evacuation is.

The link also has numerous live tweets reporting hundreds of people have fled the area onto the tarmac. Officials are working to evacuate the premises. I will be leaving soon, so I will be unable to update the situation.


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