With the severe cuts in the Food Stamp program that started yesterday; local and regional food pantries are desperately looking for assistance to help their fast depleting stocks.
Generally, at this time of the year, people try to give a little extra to various charities; but this year, it will be particularly necessary for some additional help.

What can YOU do??

WHATEVER you can afford; OR perhaps you can even volunteer.

Some suggestions below the fold...

There are a few national organizations that can guide you in finding where to give some assistance:

Feeding America

Check out WIC

Look for your states sources:

Here is one for North Carolina
And, another also for NC

Check out Second Harvest---punch in the name; and it should bring up your local area.

Here is the point:YOU can do a great deal; with just a little effort---CALL your local pantry; or food bank---or perhaps your church; and see what they need.  

The need is there---a $2 bill; or $5, or $10, or much more will go a long way.

Regards money vs actual food drop-off?

Aid Organizations Prefer Cash to Canned Food
It's been long established that cash is best..

However, don't let that stop you, if all you have is some food supplies that you can donate, then do so.

Also remember,  many of these organizations can use a little extra help at this time of the year...volunteer.

Please call you local concern TODAY; or on Monday.
If you are going to your local religious services---see what they can tell you.

One last point: This is only the beginning of potential cuts:
More coming..

Negotiations on a wide-ranging farm bill, including cuts to the SNAP program, began Wednesday. Five-year farm bills passed by both the House and the Senate would cut food stamps, reductions that would come on top of the cut that will go into effect Friday. But the two chambers are far apart on the amounts.

Legislation passed by the GOP-controlled House would cut food stamps by an additional $4 billion annually and tighten eligibility requirements. The House bill would also end government waivers that have allowed able-bodied adults without dependents to receive food stamps indefinitely and allow states to put broad new work requirements in place.

Some families are hoping YOU can help them....

Offer any further suggestions in your comments regards different organizations.

Excellent suggestion from betoruh in the comments:

If you do want to donate items, contact the pantry and find out what it needs.  Stick to that list.  And make sure that the items you donate haven't been sitting in your pantry for 5 years.
Update #2
Thx for the Rec list---obviously we recognize the need---even if GOP doesn't.

Update #3
Aji has added some great links: right here

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