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Pop Quiz:

1.  To which household item does Limbaugh compare the impoverished?

a)  drain
b)  sponge
c)  plunger
d)  small glass tube for snorting lines of crushed OxyContin

2.  What does Limbaugh suggest these lazy bastards do to remedy their plight?

a)  get a job
b)  move to Costa Rica
c)  starve
d)  apply for a position in Limbaugh's Corps of Dr. Shoppers

3.  What does $36 buy?

a)  1/6 of an illegal OxyContin tablet
b)  8-10 carefully planned meals
c)  a posterboard, a Sharpie, and 6 bottles of WhiteOut for Tea Party spelling mistakes
d)  a copy of A People's History of the United States and a $20 donation to Feeding America

This week substantial reductions in the SNAP program made it harder for struggling Americans to feed their children.

And right on cue, right wing talk show host Rush Limbaugh--who has previously compared poor kids to animals and suggested they should scavenge food from dumpsters--added insult to injury by reminding these "sponges" that if they weren't so damn lazy and unAmerican they wouldn't be up shit creek in the first place:

Commence rant-->

This food stamp program, it says here, "benefits one in seven Americans." That's outrageous!  Is it any wonder 90 million Americans are out of work and they're all eating?  "What do you want, Mr. Limbaugh? Do you want them to starve?"  No, of course not. I want people to work!  I want people to learn to provide for themselves.  I want people to make the best of their life, for crying out loud, not just be a sponge.  I just think it's... Man, it's so destructive to do this to people.

It's $668 a month for 47 million people!

One in seven Americans is on this program.


It's as though these people can't provide even an M&M for themselves! The idea that without food stamps people are gonna starve? How bad is that?  Do you understand that when I say this kind of thing, the liberals listening to me are thinking, "My God, how could you be so mean and cruel," and I think it's the exact opposite of mean and cruel.  I think the idea that people... We have a story in USA Today about how people might go hungry with a $36-a-month cut in the food stamp budget!

Something is really, really, really wrong.  It was like the school lunch "cuts" back in 1995.  What, parents are unable to feed their own kids if the school lunch program is cut?  Which it wasn't, but hypothetically we cut the school lunch program and kids were gonna starve?  How does that work?  Do parents not know how to feed their own kids?  Are we really gonna lose meals? People are gonna go without 21 meals this month because they have a $36 cut in their food stamp allotment.

The idea that that is perceived as reality is what perpetuates programs like this and increases them -- and the idea that suggesting that people maybe take care of themselves is offensive? That is insulting?  Remember, during the heat of the homeless fraud the early days of program, Mitch Snyder and the boys were running around saying, "There are three million homeless," and there never were three million homeless.

I said, "Have these people ever thought about maybe getting a job?"  And I was set upon by the media. "Oh, easy for you to say, 'Get a job,'" as though there's something insulting about suggesting somebody go work, and it was insensitive to suggest such a thing, and it proved that I was a brute and a mean-spirited whatever.  But you do what you have to do.  Okay, so you're getting $668 a month, and you're gonna take $36 away.

So you're just gonna sit there and starve?

And that's, of course, what the left wants you to think will happen.

People cannot get up every day without the government being right there, and then they can't get into the shower without the government being right there.  They can't do whatever. They can't brush their teeth, they can't wash their hair, they can't do anything unless government's right there -- and now and then, they can't leave the house and go to work unless the government's right there making sure they cross the street safely, and then when they get to work...

Well, they're not going to work. Forget that.

The same day Limbaugh disparaged millions of down-on-their-luck Americans such as Amira Watson, a working single mother of four from Brooklyn who "recently had to sign up for food stamps after her marriage ended and she lost one of the two jobs she was working after having to take maternity leave," two very curious things happened on the show.

The first is that Feeding America ran a PSA on his show.  The PSA features young children candidly describing their family's experiences with hunger before concluding "There's enough food in this country to feed everyone" and encouraging people to visit feedingamerica.org to donate or locate their local food banks and help that way.

This PSA placement is pretty funny in one direction and tragic in the other.  It's amusing in that the organization works hard to dispel the stereotypes that Limbaugh is spreading on his show--that anyone accepting government assistance is a traitor, lazy, or both.  

But it's tragic that an organization whose mission is to "feed America's hungry" while "respect[ing] the inherent worth and dignity of every person and treat[ing] all with justice, equity and compassion" would allow its PSA to air on a shot that savages the very people it claims to serve, people it acknowledges will lose 3 billion meals due to the cuts.

The other ironic event on Limbaugh's Food Stamp Rant Hour program was Limbaugh's self-aggrandizing statements that his mission is to spread his values among 10-13 year olds.  That's the audience for his new book Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims, a junior Tea Party manifesto that was recently released:


RUSH:  Rush Revere and Liberty are being deluged with fan mail.  Folks, I have to tell you, it is so... I don't know of another word to describe it but "cute," and I don't want to offend anybody with that. But it is just so cool to be taking the values of this program to young people.  I can't tell you how long I have... You sit around and you think about what you could do to expand your career or whatever, and obviously reaching young people is a key element.

This age-group (10 to 13) for whom Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims was written, is obviously not gonna listen to talk radio. They may listen with their parents, though, so now -- because the parents are buying the book for them -- they're reading the book and they're reacting to it and they're sending characters in the book fan mail at the TwoIfByTea.com website. They love it, and I can't tell you how thrilling it is for me and all of us involved in the project to suddenly realize that the things we hold dear are out there.

The values, the traditions, all of these things, they're out there. They're reaching that audience and getting started with this, and they're reacting to it; they're getting it, according to the mail and according to the some e-mail even from the parents.  So it's really cool.  It's cute to read some of this mail, and it's really gratifying.  So you will accept my thanks again for this, for helping to make it happen.  Some of these e-mails from these young people are just priceless.

These values apparently include gently encouraging our downtrodden legions of poor using empowering gestures that both Jesus and Thomas Jefferson would have approved of:
Rush Limbaugh may claim that he does not want poor people to starve, but all of his arguments appear to refute that claim.  This heartless asshole, who most likely dines nightly on clouded leopard tenderloin basted in infant tears and dusted with platinum flakes, believes that Americans helping each other goes against the founding principles of our nation.  His solution is to let them fend for themselves, meaning that if they are unable to work they will....


Stop pretending your approach is compassionate because it teaches people to be independent, Rush.  You simply don't give a rat's ass about anyone other than yourself.

I leave you with a brand new slow dance mix by StopRush's resident DJ.  


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