I made this comment on a far right message board and got nothing but flack for it.

Too many guns fall into the wrong hands. Adding more guns to the mix isn't the answer.

Gun owners have to be more responsible for the locking up and securing of their firearms. Leaving it behind a door or on a wall just doesn't cut it.

A few of the replies:

A gun that's inaccessible is about as useful as a gun without bullets. Every gun owner I know is responsible and takes great pains to ensure their guns are stored such that the possibility of mishaps is minimized while still retaining their effectiveness. There is no possibility of foreseeing every event that could cause their misuse and the best you can do is the best you can do. The focus here should be on the person that broke the law and actually caused the harm. Trying to shift the blame to responsible law-abiding American citizens exercising their Constitutional rights is dishonest and will only serve to inhibit finding solutions to the real problem.
Why is the blame never on society as a whole for what we've let it become? Why not blame failed parents? Mental health professionals who fight for the "privacy" of their patients? Violent video games? The past few generations raised on mind and mood altering medication? Why is it never that stuff, but always the gun and legal gun owners?
To that one, I replied
All of those could also be to blame.

Owning a firearm, I think, is a special responsibility.

These criminals had to get the weapons from somewhere. Stolen from cars, homes, etc.

To which I got in reply:
So what you are saying is that if this person didn't...wait for it...break the law, this wouldn't have happened? How about you stop blaming inanimate objects and put the responsibility on the person doing the shooting for a change? Just a suggestion.
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