All the news stories about how few people signed up for Obamacare on the first day
make as much sense as news stories about how few people file their tax returns on January 1st.

All the news stories about how glitchy Healthcare.gov was on its release
makes as much sense as news stories about another glitchy Microsoft Windows.

All the news stories about how hundreds of thousands of people lost their health insurance coverage as a result of Obamacare
makes as much sense as news stories about how many people upgrade to a new iPhone.

I was inspired to write this post in part by reading this recent article about the success of California's new health insurance exchange. Brainwrap linked it as part ofhis coverage of the Obamacare signups, insofar as his purposes for keeping a countrywise tally. However, the article in its entirety is well worth a read, especially when it comes to how to address the outrage over Healthcare.gov's rollout, even by many of us on the Left.

When the ACA is fully implemented next year, the number of uninsured Californians is expected to decrease by up to 95 percent. Ensuring all our citizens have coverage does not just mean better health care for millions of our fellow citizens; it also means that the cost of uncompensated care provided by hospitals, health clinics, and doctors will no longer be passed on to the rest of us through higher health insurance prices as is the case today.

The second thing to note is that the websites are only one part of the ACA law that has already improved the plans of tens of millions more who already have insurance and helped millions of uninsured people get coverage.

For example, the ACA ends many abusive health insurance industry practices that hurt people who already have health insurance. It means no arbitrary lifetime or annual coverage limits on care, or being dropped from your plan if you get “too sick.” It also means you can’t be denied coverage because you have a preexisting condition like a previous bout with skin cancer or your child’s asthma. Simply put, it gives us all the peace of mind that we are no longer just one diagnosis away from financial ruin because you — or your child — gets sick or has a bad accident.

Let's save the outrage for the people who did everything in their power to create the mess, not the ones who did everything in their power to try to avoid the mess entirely.

The problems with Healthcare.gov, Obamacare, and ostensibly any government program, should be acknowledged and addressed. However, they should never negate all the good that they have done, will do, and have the potential to do if we get them right.

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