he possibilities are endless when you upload a video to YouTube. Making a video for this website where you can share videos is not an easy task. There are a lot of things you need to take into consideration before you decide to make a YouTube video. Before you begin the process of creating a video to upload on YouTube and the Internet you should read this article. Use this guide to learn what it takes to create quality YouTube videos that can attract a real audience.

First think about what type of video you want to post. Are you interested in making something funny or a little serious? Gather your team together to brainstorm. Write down all of your ideas and then determine the originality of your story. Compare it to other videos you on the Internet or that you have seen on television. Try and create a video that is as unique as possible. During this brainstorming phase you are going to want to figure out how much it is going to cost to shoot the video and whether or not it has the chance to go viral. Make sure you also find a place to shoot your video.

The next step to create a video on YouTube is to make a script and storyboard. A script is a detailed description with words on all the actions that will take place throughout the video. Things such as setting, dialogue, character descriptions, music, and more should be included in the script. The storyboard should consist of visuals that you are going to use to allow every member to see how the video is going to unfold. Draw highlights of the key moments throughout the video so that you and your team can see what it will look like to see the video unfold.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when creating a YouTube video is they forget to create a shot list. This is a list of shots that you will record. Ensure that all of your major shots will be taken and that you won’t miss a valuable part of your story. With your shot list you can then figure out the type of video equipment you need to shoot your footage. If you plan on shooting a regular drama without special effects then you won’t need equipment that is too advanced. Yet if you plan on making a science fiction video then you may want to invest into the highest of quality equipment. Conduct research to see what type of equipment will suit your needs.

Begin shooting your video and remember to save it on your computer. Edit your video with a video editing program and then upload it to YouTube. Share it on social media and see how many people like your video. You might gain a lot of fans with the demand for more videos. A lot of people decide to create weekly YouTube videos to entertain audiences. To get started on your YouTube career apply the information found in this article. Also you can make Money with Them

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