Candidates Changing Parties

It seems absolutely amazing to me that "Fence Jumper" (Political Figures Changing Parties), are so widely accepted in North Carolina, especially in the NC-03. First, the current Republican Representative from NC-03 jumps the fence from the Democrat to the Republican party and stays in power for more than 20 years with the help of Republicans and Democrat alike. Now we have a ultra radical Republican from the Tea Party, jumping the fence to run as a Democrat for the 3rd District.

When is everyone going to wake up and understand in order to change the way things are in both the state and federal levels you have to change the players. North Carolina has allowed the Republicans to gerrymander the district lines to benefit the Republicans. Through that gerrymandering the Republicans has taken control of the Statehouse and look at what they've done in their short time in office. Voter ID's, shortening early voting (wants to eliminate it altogether), FRACing, and many other roll back legislature that North Carolina now resembles Texas more than North Carolina.

So now we have a Radical Tea Party member asking the democratic voters of NC-03 to allow him to represent them in Washington? Give me a break. You have an outstanding Democratic candidate in Marshall Adame, you just have to get behind him.

Let me remind you that the Tea Party, the radical right wing of the GOP, the party that voted shoulder to shoulder with the 3rd District Republican Representative to shut down the Government, hurting the people of this country and the people of North Carolina.

Think long and hard before you allow this wolf in sheep's clothing into your fold....You already have one "Fence Jumper" representing you. Time for a real change....Support Marshall Adame, Democrat for Congress NC-03 in 2014.

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