On Saturday, New Jersey teacher Melissa Tomlinson bravely confronted Governor Chris Christie regarding his comments that New Jersey schools are failures. Governor Christie cut her off and rudely chastised her before she should continue. Not one to be silenced, Melissa Tomlinson has penned an open letter to the Governor, which she read and uploaded via the Badass Teacher Association on YouTube:

On November 2, 2013 Governor Chris Christie was asked by a public school teacher why he kept referring to NJ Schools as failures. His response was to shout, yell and point his finger in the face of Melissa Tomlinson (Love Light), who is also a member of the Badass Teacher Association. This is Melissa's response. So Governor Christie we all know you can yell but can you listen?

And now you can tell Melissa Tomlinson "thank you" by sending her a message of support here.

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