Don't give me no weeds and tell me they're flowers and don't give me no ACA and tell me it's universal health care.

Dailykos has become ground zero in the propaganda war with the right wingers about the ACA. A lot of you are running around saying this that and the other thing about the ACA. You all are trading anecdotal evidence with the morons on the right thinking we can convince them they are wrong. We can't. The law has its flaws but the flaws can be fixed.

The ACA came broken out of the box. Why? because those in congress that manufactured the bill do shoddy work. Now don't get it twisted I think there's some good in the law but the bad has been outweighing the good. And we are still stuck having to deal with the for profit health care industry that doesn't care about your health or well being.

I am irked that the President didn't use the opportunity that this ACA battle has created to go after the for profit health care industry. It's a good time to talk about the quality of the health insurance that is offered. Is the customer getting value for the dollars they are spending on the health insurance? There are questions that need answering but alas even if we answered these questions we wouldn't be able to fix the problem anyway.

 You can't fix what's broken if you can't get the repair person to show up.

Now for something positive...

We need to hire some repair people to fix the ACA. Which means we need to elect more Democrats, which means we need to give money, knock on doors, make calls and drive people to the polling places. I know I went there, I said something positive and acutally endorsed change through voting. Here's the thing, the ACA is flawed because it was created by humans, humans can usually fix things they break, but in the case of the ACA we seem to be not dealing with normal humans we are dealing with a subset of humans called Republicans and Republicans are crazy and not in a good way(ask me about good crazy some other time)

So we need to do what we do so we can fix the bill. We need to find candidates that are willing to pledge to fix the ACA. It would help if the party and its supporters acknowledge the flaws and came to an agreement that the law needs fixing and what parts need the fixing.

So have at it, what's broken and how can we fix it. Some of you out here have done your homework and know the law inside and out. Put aside your desire to either tear the law down or over hype it and look at it objectively and tell us what you would like to see improved upon, eliminated and what they got right.



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