I know a lot of people in the 1%. My father was a corporate lawyer - he was in the 1%. A lot of his clients were, too. And, in my first job, some of my clients were. And I have a good friend who is an accountant for one of the people who would be in the .1% (except he is busy giving all his money away).

I know some who made all their own money and some who inherited. money.

And then there are politicians who are in the 1%, again, some of them made their own money (Alan Grayson, for example), some inherited it (The Rockefellers and Kennedys, for example) and some got rich, well..... somehow (LBJ started dirt poor and left the presidency quite rich).

Some of the 1% are absolute jackasses. Way back when I worked in a public relations firm, one client was really rich. He made all his own money. And he not only paid the minimal taxes, he didn't give any to charity either because (and I quote) "it would deny poor people the right to make it on their own". What a jerk!

On the other hand, Chuck Feeney (whom my friend works for) made billions. And he is giving it all away. And he doesn't spend on himself, either. Private plane? No. He flies coach.

Of course, very few of the very rich fly coach.

But quite a few give a lot of money away.

And quite a few realize that (in addition to other traits) they got lucky.

The 1% are different from the rest of us - they have more money. Even Chuck Feeney could fly in a private plane if he felt like it. Very few of the rest of us could.

But they are the same as every other group of humans in that they  vary.

There's very little correlation between net worth as a human and net worth in dollars.

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