Eleven counties in Colorado are voting today to decide whether they should try and throw a bigger temper tantrum than they've currently expressed and try and secede from the state of Colorado to form their own state of North Colorado.  

There have been a number of diaries about this here on DKos, but the summary is this:  These counties, heavily Republican, feel that the state government has not listened to their concerns especially over the past legislative session and election in 2012 where Democrats now control the Governor's office and the Colorado legislature.  The legalization of recreational marijuana was passed in the 2012 election and in this year's legislative session Civil Unions were made legal, there was a measure requiring the rural electricity to have a percentage of generation be from renewable resources (which apparently will increase rates at least in the short term) and equally galling, measures to extend background checks for gun sales to cover gaps and to also limit the magazine size for weapons.  That last measure was primarily prompted by the Aurora theater shooter having a 100 shot magazine that fortunately jammed on him, and it also prompted a magazine maker to say it would leave the state if the measure passed (they haven't shown any signs of carrying through on their threat).  There have been some major changes and the Republicans of those primarily rural counties are having issues with not being able to control the legislature anymore.  The metropolitan areas of Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins and Pueblo (Colorado Springs is still pretty red, though the Democratic Senate Speaker Morse came from there - he was recalled and replaced by a Republican for his gun control votes).  

Since they can't dictate their Republican values to the state anymore, they want to secede and become their own state.  They would need to vote to secede, then decide how to collectively petition the state government to allow them to secede, and then if they receive permission from the state (and that's been promised that it won't happen) they would still need permission from Congress to form their own state, which hasn't been done by any state in 150 years.  In short, (too late) it's not going to happen but that of course won't stop Republicans from throwing this tantrum, trying to get the state to now pay outsize attention to them, and getting more sway than their population warrants.

Below the squiggle I've collected a few links to articles, as well as more of a description of what the fuss is all about.

The Daily Beast has a pretty good summation here: http://www.thedailybeast.com/... and the comments are fairly entertaining.

CNN, with comments from US Senate candidate Ken Buck, who was Tea Party before Tea Party was fashionable, is at http://www.cnn.com/...

The Denver Post's view is a pretty matter-of-fact report, befitting the main newspaper in the state.

Death and Taxes also has a pretty snarky view of the likelihood of this ever becoming a reality but they add some flesh to the ideas only hinted at by the other sites.

The Hill says that Republicans are leery of backing the extremists, which is a way of saying that here in Colorado there are some limits to the march over the edge

Pewstates.org compares it to a family where you have one kid crying for attention.  The governor and legislature have indicated a willingness to try and listen more.

Colorado Pols reminds everyone that the number of people who will vote to secede isn't likely to even be 3% of the state's total population

Poor Richard's News includes a map of most of the counties voting on this, and encourages those who feel unrepresented by their elected officials to keep efforts like this alive.

The Greeley Tribune, the largest newspaper in the largest population city in that area, is a pay site.  However, even the beginning of this articleshows just how incompetent these secessionists are.

7:29 PM PT: Right now, apparently most counties are voting secession down.  http://www.denverpost.com/...

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