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It's Election Night in many states across the country, and we're liveblogging the results of races large and small. The biggest contests are for governor in New Jersey and Virginia and mayor in New York City, but there are many other hotly contested elections that are up for grabs, including attorney general and the state House of Delegates in Virginia; a key state Senate seat in Washington; and mayoral races in Boston, Seattle, and many other cities.

Results: New Jersey | New York | Virginia

6:45 PM PT (Darth Jeff): Houston's finally starting to come in. With 7 percent reporting, incumbent Mayor Annise Parker is at 57 percent in her reelection bid; if she gets more than 50 percent she averts a December runoff.

6:46 PM PT: 93% reporting in VA-Gov, and Democrat Terry McAuliffe is now up almost a full point, or about 18,000 votes.

6:47 PM PT (Darth Jeff): 97 percent reporting in Charlotte's mayoral election and Democrat Patrick Cannon leads Republican Edwin Peacock 53-47. Looks like a win.

6:50 PM PT (Darth Jeff): In Toledo's mayoral race 15 percent is reporting and Councilor Michael Collins leads Mayor Mike Bell 59-41. Both are independents but Democrats are backing Collins over the Kasich-friendly Bell.

6:51 PM PT (jeffmd): With 93% reporting, Dem Mark Herring is about 30k behind in the Attorney General's race. The remaining precincts will help him close much of that gap, but not all the way. A linear model has him falling about 10,000-15,000 votes short.

6:54 PM PT (Darth Jeff): With close to 40 percent reporting in Detroit things remain very close. Duggan is up 52-48 over Napoleon, far closer than the polls predicted.

6:57 PM PT (Darth Jeff): We have another pickup to call. In Greensboro with almost everything in, Democrat Nancy Vaughan has won a landslide 60-40 victory over Republican incumbent Robbie Perkins. Vaughan will be the city's new mayor.  

6:57 PM PT (Steve Singiser): Down at the legislative level, perhaps a bit of disappointment for both sides tonight. As we get closer to a full tally, Democratic hopes for a major push to reduce the GOP majority in Virginia appears to be flagging. Though several races are close, only three Democrats (Michael Futrell in HD-02, Mary Daniel in HD-33, and Monty Mason in HD-93) have leads over their GOP incumbents. With the offset of a guaranteed pickup for the GOP in HD-04, that means the GOP loses just two seats net, for a 66-34 majority.

But, in New Jersey, even a 20+ point landslide for Chris Christie has not translated, as yet, to GOP gains in the legislature. As of right now (and it is very early in some of these legislative districts), the GOP would pick up just one Senate seat (leaving Democrats with a 23-17 majority), and three Assembly seats (leaving the Democrats with a 45-35 majority).

6:59 PM PT (Darth Jeff): 47 percent reporting in Detroit and Duggan leads Napoleon 53 to 47.

7:00 PM PT (Darth Jeff): About a third reporting in Cincinnati's Dem vs. Dem mayoral race and it's not at all close. John Cranley leads Roxanne Qualls 63-37.

7:02 PM PT (Darth Jeff): A Democratic hold in Charlotte: the race has been called for Cannon, who leads 53-47 with 98 percent in. The state GOP made a real push to win here but came up short.

7:03 PM PT (Laura Clawson): The liveblog continues here.

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