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It's Election Night in many states across the country, and we're liveblogging the results of races large and small. The biggest contests are for governor in New Jersey and Virginia and mayor in New York City, but there are many other hotly contested elections that are up for grabs, including attorney general and the state House of Delegates in Virginia; a key state Senate seat in Washington; and mayoral races in Boston, Seattle, and many other cities.

Results: New Jersey | New York | Virginia

7:24 PM PT (Darth Jeff): Not having a good night is Democratic Bethlehem Mayor John Callahan, who just lost his race for Northampton County Executive. Callahan was unsuccessful recruited to run for the House against Republican Congressman Charlie Dent, and had the spectacular misfortune of picking 2010 to finally run. Despite being initially highly touted, Callahan came nowhere near unseating Dent.

7:28 PM PT (Darth Jeff): About 25 percent counted in Toledo's mayoral race. Councilor Mike Collins leads Mayor Mike Bell 57-43. Both are independents but Collins enjoyed significant Democratic support after both Democratic contenders were eliminated in the primary.  

7:30 PM PT (Darth Jeff): Things look good for Annise Parker in Houston. With two-thirds reporting, she leads with 57 percent in her race for a final two-year term as Houston's mayor.

7:35 PM PT (David Jarman): One of the most important races of the night is the GOP primary runoff in AL-01, which is an epic establishment vs. tea party fight for the Republican party's soul. Looks like all the Chamber of Commerce money for Bradley Byrne is paying off, as he's easing into a bigger lead over Dean Young with 83% reporting; he's now leading 54-46.

7:35 PM PT (Darth Jeff): Cincinnati is almost completely in and John Cranley has defeated fellow Democrat Roxanne Qualls 58-42 to become the city's new mayor.

7:37 PM PT (David Jarman): The Cincinnati mayoral race looks like a wrap, with almost all precincts reporting and John Cranley up by 16. (This was a Dem-vs.-Dem fight, which seems a little surprising in what used to be one of the country's most conservative major cities.)

7:38 PM PT (Darth Jeff): About a quarter reporting in Nassau County, New York and it's not good for team blue. Republican County Executive Ed Mangano leads his Democratic predecessor Tom Suozzi 60-39 in his reelection bid. Suozzi was narrowly unseated by Mangano in a 2009 surprise.  

7:40 PM PT (jeffmd): Absentee votes from Fairfax have just hit, closing Mark Herring (D)'s gap by about 1,700. The bad news is that he'll still be about 15k short.

7:41 PM PT (Darth Jeff): Things aren't much better in Westchester County. Republican County Executive Rob Astorino leads challenger Noam Bramson 55-45 for reelection with about a third reporting.

7:42 PM PT (Steve Singiser): One bright spot for Virginia Dems tonight downballot--in a pretty stunning upset out of Prince William County, Democrat Michael Futrell has knocked off GOP Del. Mark Dudenhefer 51-49, with all precincts reporting.

Alas, one for the other guys in the Garden State--veteran Democratic Assemblyman Nelson Albano has gone down in LD-01. Democrats also trail in early balloting in both their Assembly and Senate seats in LD-38. Gains for the GOP, but not enough to claim either chamber.

7:44 PM PT (Darth Jeff): Another loser tonight is the Houston Astrodome. Voters rejected a ballot measure that would have turned it into a convention center. As a result, it's likely slated for demolition.

7:48 PM PT (Laura Clawson): The liveblog continues here.

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