Election Night Questions and Answers

Why, why you may ask will Jon and Stephen not have anything about tonight's breath-taking election results?

Because they tape at 5 pm.

What about that Terry McAuliffe blow-out?

What about it?  It was a choice between Pond Scum and Dog Poop.

McAuliffe won narrowly by the way.  Other 'Victories'- Walsh in Boston (hot Democrat on Democrat action).  Public Advocate Bill de Blasio in NYC.  Question 2, Minumum Wage Rise in New Jersey.

And Chris Christie.

The Lessons Of The Past Forgotten
By Charles P. Pierce, Esquire
at 2:30PM Nov 5, 2013

Wrong.  Wrong.  Very wrong.  Incredibly wrong.  Spectacularly wrong.

Also, stupid.

First of all, according to the latest NBC News/WSJ Poll, Christie's numbers are plummeting just like those of every other candidate. He's at 33 percent favorable right now. This is not a "powerful national candidate." He's weak and he's insecure and you can make him pop his cork as predictably as Old Faithful. In fact, your job, Democratic panjandrums, was to make him a national candidate before he is ready to be one. It was to make him a national candidate on your timetable, not his. Define, define, define. Spend whatever it takes to do that. Second, as Steve M. relentlessly points out, the Tea Party folk don't necessarily like the fact that Christie spent quality time with the Kenyan Usurper, but they love, love, love the way Big Chicken bullies the helpless and powerless. To hate like that gives their lives meaning, and Christie is a perfect vessel for that. They'll settle for that more easily than they settled for Willard Romney, god knows. So depending on the Tea Party folk to bring him down is to gamble high on phantoms.

But, but, but... Confidence Fairies!

Folks, I stopped believing in fairies a long time ago.

As for tonight's guests-

John Goodman is best known on the artsy side for his collaborations with the Coen brothers.  I'll always remember him as big goofy Dan Connor who died of a heart attack at Darleen's wedding (sorry, haven't seen the final season of Roseanne yet?  You should.  Informed by the revelations of the last episode it takes on a whole new meaning.).  He'll probably talk about Monsters University or Inside Llewyn Davis, his new project.

Julius Erving (Dr. J) is the man who built the ABA and may talk about the Nets new home in Brooklyn, or about various topics from his new Autobiography including how his sleeping around with groupies was no justification for beating his ex-wife and how braces resulted in the conception of his Professional Tennis playing daughter.

As for the rest of the week...

Jon hosts-

* 11/6 Wednesday: Monique Brinson Demery
* 11/7 Thursday: Patrick Stewart

While Stephen has-

* 11/6 Wednesday: Brian Lehrer
* 11/7 Thursday: Daniel Lieberman

Now you can stop me from sharing toooooo much anytime you want.  All you have to do is volunteer to host an edition.

Otherwise I guarantee I'll find something horrible to say about Monique.

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