Wasting time in Brooklyn.
At the request of Diane in NoVa, I am going to expand a bit on comments I made in the pundit roundup. For brevity, I'll repost the two comments:
ObamaCare...still not seeing what i need to see. (5+ / 0-)
The botched rollout continues, and I'll keep saying so.

Yesterday the president was in Dallas talking to...some folks. Im really angry at the white house political staff. The campaign for ObamaCare has to be as good if not better than the campaign for Obama.

We chose a system of private insurance that is affordable. In order for that to work youngish working class uninsured by the milions. People from 26 to 40. Yet I'm not seeing the kind of sophisticated marketing campaign targeting those people. Not even here in New York where we have a state exchange.

Were fucking this up. We need numbers in the millions in that target group by next Summer or were going to see big ass premium increases for the 80% who have a lot of new benefits. The first move has to be bringing in the HEALTHY uninsured, not the sick.

This is, now and forever, Democratic Party law. Somebody in that white house needs to get on the fucking ball.


by brooklynbadboy on Thu Nov 07, 2013 at 08:03:53 AM EST

The website problems will be fixed, I'm confident. What I'm not confident of is this administration's, and the Washington Democrats' generally, ability to do the critical thing that is going to make this a success. Now, for all you single payer lovers like me, yes..yes..this is exactly why this a less desirable way of doing this. Set that aside because this is the law we have. In order for it to 'work' then people who do not now have insurance have to be brought in.

Assume we've gotten all we're going to get from people under 26 whose parents already have insurance. Whats left out there is young people not on such joints, but who have enough money to not qualify for Medicaid. That means working class people who have a full time job, but don't get health benefits at work because its too expensive and they're healthy enough to put it off. That's our group. It also happens to be a big chunk of our base.

Without that group, we've got big problems because of the way private insurance works. There are lots of new benefits and entitlements under this law on people who already have plans. Their costs are going to go up substantially if we don't mitigate that by bringing in our target group. Which, as I said, happens to be our base.

So, what is the White House doing about that? This crap:

In other words, (5+ / 0-)

The president was just here in Brooklyn. He spoke at a high school and left. What a fucking waste. That event SHOULD have been at Barclays and it should have been exclusively for folks who don't have health insurance. And then you have a signup campaign just afterwards. Boom...get yourself 40000. Then on to the next venue in Queens. Then on to Philly. Cleveland. So on and so forth. Especially in the districts we are trying to win next year.


by brooklynbadboy on Thu Nov 07, 2013 at 08:11:20 AM EST


This White House has to step up and start treating this like 2012 and get on the ball. The President, or important surrogates, should be out signing up the crowds by the bushel, not wasting time like yesterday in Dallas thanking volunteers or here in Brooklyn doing throwaway events that don't move that needle.

We need to stop caring about how ObamaCare is doing in the polls. Support for ObamaCare isn't the same thing as SIGNUPS. ObamaCare is the law. So the polls about it don't mean shit right now. What matters is that people, especially OUR PEOPLE, are getting the benefits of it. That is all that matters politically. That is how we fulfill kos's maxim that if our folks turn out, we win big. We have to deliver for our people and then they'll turn out to defend what we've given them. And on that key fundamental, the ObamaCare Campaign is failing according to Sebelius:

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius today acknowledged that long-awaited enrollment figures for the rocky first month of Obamacare will be “very low.”

She said the initial batch of enrollment figures being released next week cover “the first month of enrollment” and will include both Medicaid and health plan numbers in the new insurance exchanges.

Umm, we need 7 million over the next year. A little better than half a million a month. And those can't be Medicaid folks. It has to be exchange people.

Then there is this stupidity:

But they don’t want the public to think that’s all they’re focused on — or even that it’s the overriding priority. The message has filtered down from the top ranks in the West Wing that the president’s aides are expected to focus not just on health care but on the myriad other issues on Obama’s agenda.
No. Just get ObamaCare right before the next election. That is all. Its got his name on it. The president's NAME people. All Democrats have their names on it. If I were working in the White House political staff if anybody wasn't working on ObamaCare politics 24/7, I'd want to slap some sense into them.

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