If you wondered what level of pond scum would pick up the op-ed of a guy known to hire plagiarists to write speeches and op-eds for him, well, now you know.  Breitbart has picked up his op-eds.

Following allegations of plagiarism that caused a shake-up in the senator's office, Rand Paul's (R-KY) opinion column has found a new home at Breitbart News.

"Paul is pleased to partner with Breitbart News and looks forward to the new, wider audience for his columns," Paul advisor Doug Stafford told Breitbart in Wednesday's announcement.

"We are pleased to add Senator Paul to our lineup of fearless, original thought leaders," Breitbart News CEO Larry Solov said in the announcement. "Most of all, we think the fighting spirit he has become known for is a perfect fit for Breitbart News Network and reflects that of our founder, Andrew Breitbart.”

The announcement made no mention of the plagiarism allegations that led Paul and the Washington Times to "mutually" end their relationship Tuesday.

I think this pretty much says it all.

Update: Oh, I should also point out what I wrote last year about Breitbart's head guy Ben Shapiro, to give you a sense of how far right he is, and what makes him tick.  We were undergrads at the same time at UCLA.

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