In a LinkedIn discussion, a conservative wrote the following (referring to the worst lie of all time(TM) -- "You can keep your insurance.  Period." and the Sundby case):

"The guy named “Period” gets to keep his doctor, and his health care, but the rest of us are SOL .  .  . even though the President misspoke (multiple times) and the rollout of the ACA has been “problematic”, the ends justify the means."
My response:
We have read several "horror stories" about the ACA, many of which have been debunked when it turned out that the "victim" was actually going to do better under the ACA. (As for Ms. Sundby -- her insurer cancelled her policy, which it might have done anyway because it was doing so poorly in CA. And, under the ACA she will actually be able to get less expensive coverage. As for keeping her doctors -- do you really think that pre-ACA, plans didn't change networks?)

But until implementation of the ACA, there will hundreds of thousands of much worse horror stories:

Insurers cancel insurance every day.
Millions file bankruptcy because of medical costs.
45,000 a year are dying because of no insurance of under-insurance.
Insurers do everything possible to deny coverage when possible.
Insurers charge high deductibles and high co-payments and ban or make pre-X policies very expensive.
They increase premiums drastically (check the last 10-15 years).
A $50 junk insurance policy provides no help to someone with a real medical problem.
We are being gouged by spending more than twice as much as most other countries, for inferior or no health care for most.

You say that (under the ACA) "the rest of us are SOL." That is simply incorrect. 85% of people get health insurance through work, which has not changed. (nor have part time jobs increased). The "horror story" cases involve 3-5% of people in the individual insurance market. Even in that group, the vast majority will get a better deal than they have now.

So the vast majority of "the rest of us" will be able to keep their doctor, and millions will be saved from serious illness, death and bankruptcy.

Finally, Republicans have not put forth any solutions to my list above (re cancellation, the uninsured, etc.). The status quo is unacceptable in a country with the wealth of the US. The ACA may not be the best solution, but it is an extreme improvement over the status quo, and Republicans have shown no interest in finding any other solution.

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