Yesterday the Kos featured a diary on a reduced-fee kid in a Texas middle school who had his breakfast thrown away because he lacked 30 cents to complete paying for his meal:


Naturally, the school and the system are both defending the action as "policy." Here's a beautifully positive way to punch back at the hatefully callous actions of the school.


You can read the dozens of stories yourself. Many of them are being linked in comments left on BMS's formerly-moribund Facebook page:


although I'm beginning to wonder if that is the actual BMS FB page.

At any rate, a guy named Rob Duncan is organizing "The Thirty Cents Campaign," where he is asking everyone outraged by the heartless actions of the school to send a check for thirty cents to the school, earmarked for kids' lunches. It's a poke in the eye for the school, and a small contribution that will hopefully go to the children and not to the principal's office renovation fund. (That's why I don't advise sending a lot more, they are not legally bound to handle those donations in any particular way, and any group of assholes who would throw a child's breakfast in the trash would steal money contributed for them.) If you were to enclose a suitable message with your check, I imagine that would be perfectly acceptable. It's probably a good idea not to engage in profanity-laced tirades and definitely not a good idea to issue stupid threats and promises of retribution -- just don't do it.

Here's the school's URL:


and its address as given on that page:

5651 FM 517 East
Dickinson, Texas 77539

Join the page if you so choose, and consider sending a thirty-cent check to those Dickensian bastards.

And as I said in my comment, double damn them for giving public schools a black eye they do not need in this age of persecution and defunding.

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