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There are 50 million armadillo's in the U.S.   If you haven't met one yet, let me introduce you below the orange squiggle.

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Armadillos are one of the few animals who consume fire ants as part of their diet.

Armadillos have 4 babies at a time, always the same sex.   They are perfect quadruplets.

There are 20 different species of armadillos.

Armadillos get an average of 18.5 hours sleep during the day.

If disconnected, the sex organs of an armadillo are still active.

Armadillos have a very low need for oxygen.   Even when burrowing they can stop breathing for 6 minutes by storing air in the trachea.

When an armadillo is frightened, it jumps straight up in the air.

Armadillo's can be housebroken.

The 3 banded armadillo hardly digs a burrow, it protects itself by rolling itself up like a hedge hog.   As body fat would disturb while rolling up, the fat moves to the dorsal part of the animal during evolution.

Some female armadillos being used for research have given birth up to two years after they were captured.   These "virgin births", are the result of the female's ability to delay implantation of the fertilized egg during times of stress.

The name armadillo comes from a Spanish explorers word meaning "little armored thing".

Armadillos are known carriers of Mycobacterium Leprae, the bacteria which causes leprosy.

Armadillos can inflate their stomachs and intestines with air and float across water.

Armadillos can walk underwater.

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Drawing of an armadillo wearing a snorkel with text reading: Did you know? Armadillos can walk under water.
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