'Uncle Sam' mascot at Generation Opportunity 'OptOut' event, with American and GOP flags in background
You don't need insurance, you have beer.
In America today, there is an actual, concerted effort out there to convince citizens to go without health insurance. It's a thing. It's being bankrolled by billionaires (who themselves have one metric shit-ton of access to America's health care system) for nakedly ideological reasons, and the message is that young Americans don't need health insurance because eff it, nothing bad ever happens to young people and if something does you just bankrupt your whole family to pay for it like proper non-billionaires. Again, this is an actual campaign.
“We rolled in with a fleet of Hummers, F-150’s and Suburbans, each vehicle equipped with an 8’ high balloon bouquet floating overhead. We hired a popular student DJ from UMiami (DJ Joey), set up OptOut cornhole sets, *beer pong tables, bought 75 pizzas, and hired 8 ‘brand ambassadors’ aka models with bullhorns to help out,” wrote David Pasch, Generation Opportunity’s communication director, in en email to the Tampa Bay Times. “*Student activists independently brought (lots of) beer and liquor for consumption by those 21 and over. Oh yeah, and we educated students about their healthcare options outside the expensive and creepy Obamacare exchanges.”
Because nothing says I don't need health insurance like big-ass cars and drinking games.

Despite the presence of mascot Gynecologist Uncle Sam, I don't know how effective the effort will ever really be. No doubt some small percentage of future Darwin award winners might drunkenly OptOut their cornholes because an attractive model hugging a fiberglass Uncle Sam head told them to, but among those young Americans who are not currently drinking to excess at a Koch brothers beer pong table it takes a special kind of stupid to actively not want health insurance. My experience is that it generally lasts until the first trip to the emergency room—or rather, until that first resulting bill arrives. That first bill seems to galvanize the thoughts of even the dullest mind.

Once again, for emphasis: This is an actual campaign, in America, today. Billionaires are funding efforts to convince younger, poorer citizens from gaining health insurance on the notably thin premise of meh, screw it. Eat your heart out, Charles Dickens.

Originally posted to Hunter on Mon Nov 11, 2013 at 01:12 PM PST.

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