Yesterday I noticed in a Transgender post that issues, terminology, and acceptable discourse needed to be clarified. I was surprised because there have been posts covering those issues done in past years. Obviously for educational purposes we need to regularly post informational posts about the subject matter to educate new Kossacks about what long time readers take for granted.

Such as for the Transgender community doing a post once a year covering gender neutral pronouns.

And for the PWB community doing a post on low cost/no cost pet care options regarding immunizations and spaying/neutering.

Or a post on the meat grinder we call the Social Security Disability application process for the Income Inequality group.

Basically what I'm asking is for groups to get organized enough to have a set of subjects that get covered at least once a year. A koscalendar would help facilitate scheduling these but that isn't an option.

What is the collective opinion regarding this?



Should groups have regularly scheduled posts covering salient topics for that group?

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22%6 votes
7%2 votes

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