We knew the the signally stupid woman would come out with something mind numbingly dumb again, she always does, but this time she is dissing the pope and blaming the media. Short diary, see below the fold. If anyone knows how to embed video please do so.

Sarah Palin has revealed that she is skeptical of the 'liberal' agenda that is being promoted by the new Pope, saying that she feels it is being influenced by the mainstream media.

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So she is doing a book on the war on Christmas but seems to wants to make war on the Pope, perhaps that is reaching but is she so crazy she can't see the good in the man?

Pope Francis is the best thing to happen to the Catholic Church in years, and most agree be they atheist or catholic or in between. So who has to sourly step in but the worst of conservative "icons"

Sorry for the ramble and not great diary lol, doing it without coffee.

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