In 2007 I drove up to Harrisburg to meet a group of supporters of a guy named Barack Obama. I was there because my son, a college student, told me that this was the guy who could win. I listened to my son and found myself not only driving up to Harrisburg but to New Hampshire to help with canvassing. To my initial surprise - I found that I was not alone and that this guy Obama seemed to have a message that moved people to work in the cold and with very little sleep.

In 2008 I made calls across the country to states I had never visited and spoke to people I never met. The more the Clintons and the media told me Obama could never win, the more calls I made. In PA I knocked on so many doors that now I know areas by without needing a map. Because I was told Obama wouldn't win - I and a whole lot of Obama supporters worked even harder and Obama WON!

When Sarah Palin, John McCain, Karl Rove and the entire Republican party along with the goons on FoxNews and the rest of the media said Obama could not and would not win -  Obama supporters by the thousands made millions of calls and knocked on millions of doors AND WE WON!

When Sarah Palin, the Tea Party the Koch Brothers, Karl Rove and every Republican threw what they could at the President - Obama supporters like myself and my friend Carol, Art and Julie made more calls and in 2010 ACA was passed and Americans for the first time had comprehensive insurance reform.

In 2012 - when Clintonites, Romeny, Republicans and their friends media friends said Obama couldn't win again - we, Obama supporters proved him wrong and WON A LANDSLIDE.

It's 2013 and boy is the mainstream having a ball about ACA!  Obama is doomed, he's a liar, he is incoherent, he is losing support of Dems etc..... So please (I know this is hard) turn off the news, stop reading the news online and join me and others in educating your neighbors about the ACA. If you can't find an event on barackobama.com or Enroll America, make one yourself. Create your own flier like my friends Terry, Mike and I have.Knock on doors and hand out the fliers telling people where to go on the website or direct them to the local community health center that can enroll them. As a last resort direct them to the insurance companies who have policies on the site - tell your neighbors that they need to insist that the insurance company show them the Healthcare.gov website policies.

Now is not the time to be frustrated. Now is not the time for despair! Now is not the time to waste listening to any newscast - Now is the time for Obama supporters to do what we do best - get to work and help this President so that this country moves forward. Please feel free to email me at agkhalil@yahoo.com or on this site and I can forward you a sample of the literature that my friends and I have come up with and help you find other informational resources. This FIGHT/STRUGGLE IS NEVER OVER - "THE WORK GOES ON, THE CAUSE ENDURES, THE HOPE STILL LIVES AND THE DREAM SHALL NEVER DIE" - Ted Kennedy. Let's get back to work.
Alexandria Khalil

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