While it remains to be seen whether Senator Reid has the will or the votes to limit the GOP abuses of the filibuster, there seems a straightforward "solution," that requires no special majority, supermajority or such: tit for tat.

Since the House has adopted the Hastert Rule, precluding the Speaker from bringing a bill up for consideration without the consensus of his party caucus, the nation has been brought to its knees by Speaker Boehner's osbtruction, taking up for vote only ridiculous and partisan legislation that has no chance of becoming law.

While the Majority Leader of the Senate does not have the pure power of fiat accorded to the Speaker of the House, he is entitled to select the order of bills coming before the Senate.  Why not simply use the "tit for tat" rule?  There are two provisions:

1) until the Speaker abandons the Hastert rule in the House, the Senate shall not give priority for calendar to any legislation not approved by a majority of his caucus; and

2) after a Senator has placed a hold against appointments or voted against cloture more than 50 times in a two-year period, no legislation by that Senator, or with respect to which that Senator has co-sponsored (unless a majority of the majority leader's caucus gives lead to proceed) shall be given priority over ANY other legislation for the calendar.

Reid doesn't require anything but his own political will to do this.  He only punishes those who are routinely abusing the legislative process (which is of course in their discretion to do), by asserting his own discretion.

Tit-for-tat.  Why not?

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