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Talk show host Rush Limbaugh puffs on his Ashton VSG cigar while waiting to tee off from the fifth tee of the Pebble Beach Golf Links during third round play of the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am in Pebble Beach, Calif., Saturday Feb. 3, 2001.  In the background is the fourth green.(AP Photo/Eric Risberg)
This week Rush Limbaugh solved our nation's health care problems in one fell swoop.

The out-of-touch right wing talk show host suggested that our nation's broken health care system could be fixed if we would all just start using our credit cards to pay our medical bills:



Go to the hospital.  Try this sometime.  No, don't try it, 'cause I don't want you to get sick.  But offer to pay the bill with your credit card instead of your insurance and look at the price difference.  You'd be amazed how much less it costs.  It might still be expensive.  I'm not saying it's not expensive.  But you'll be amazed how much less it costs, if you pay for it yourself.  Because the hospitals don't have to worry about the paperwork and the minutia and the bureaucracy and all that crap that takes up everybody's day.

You pay for it, it's over with. You leave the hospital, and you come back when you gonna get the mistake that the doctor made fixed.  Just kidding.  Couldn't help myself.  I'm worn out, folks.  No excuse.  Just kidding about the mistake the doctors make.  But you walk out, after you pay for it, it's over with.  You're not gonna have somebody come repossess your house. You're not gonna have an insurance company breathing down your back and raise your premium or anything. You just pay for it and leave.  And they're through with it, too.  'Til you get sick the next time.  And when you're paying for it yourself, it's amazing how much healthier you remain, guaranteed


Limbaugh seems to have forgotten that the average American can't simply splash down, say the $50,000 it costs to get a knee replaced, or the 100 large required to have a cochlear implant procedure like the one El Rushbo had to have after years of rampant opiate abuse left him nearly completely deaf.

The right wing talker likes to paint himself as a supporter of your average working-class American, since it endears him to a much larger listening audience.  Last month Limbaugh said

"...the working poor are the people on this program we champion each and every day."
I believe that was not too long after he called welfare recipients "worthless," compared poor children to animals, and suggested that kids who qualify for a free school lunch should have to scavenge food from dumpsters during summer vacation.
The Rush Limbaugh summer meal plan for impoverished children

For the uninitiated, El Rushbo is simply engaging in a little sleight of mouth.  

He says he champions the working poor on his program, but what he doesn't tell you is that there actually are no working poor.  The reason they're poor is because the lazy bastards don't work hard enough!

Limbaugh himself has no idea what it's like to struggle to make ends meet.  He's in the middle of an eight-year, $400 million contract, and this is the Sistine chapel-like bedroom of his $14 million New York apartment on 5th Avenue:
And that's his slum residence.  Here's his primary digs in Palm Beach:
In addition to Rush Limbaugh's inability to relate to the poor families he has gotten filthy rich by vilifying on his program, the radio host also--as usual--has his facts interspersed with generous helpings of bull excrement.  
Limbaugh's claim that "you'll be amazed how much less it costs, if you pay for it yourself" is precisely ass-backwards.
According to data now publicly available as a
part of Obama's effort to make health care providers more accountable, there is a tremendous variance in charges for the same services.

But one factor that does not vary is who gets charged the most.  It's the uninsured.

Since insurance companies are able to negotiate reduced prices and get the "bulk rate," it's the uninsured who are left holding a bill with insanely high costs such as $53 for a pair of exam gloves (by the way, that would get you 2000 pairs on Amazon.com).

So please do NOT take Rush Limbaugh's suggestion and pull out your credit card the next time you're at the hospital.  Unless, of course, you have a $400 million contract of your own.

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