Although I haven't been personally touched by the cancellation of a million plus individual health insurance policies by the insurance industry I a detecting a strategy in how they are doing it. They seem not to be informing their customers about the availability of new policies to consider as fair alternatives nor are they encouraging them that many of them will be eligible for federal subsidies to reduce cost. In effect they are throwing a haymaker and then leaving them lying on the ground without any attempt to help them up. Why would they do this? Why do they lack sincerity?
Profit. They really don't like being made to actually insure people who are sick or may become so. They don't trust that the ACA will entice enough young adults into buying their policies. They just as soon undermine the paradigm and go back to the good old days of selective insuring and more profits.
So why has no one in the press reached this conclusion? So far the insurance industry has been given a pass. What's up?

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