Since I visit a wide variety of LGBT and watchdog sites, I read a lot of ugly smite-shite the religious extremists hurl our way. Every day people like Bryan Fischer, Matt Barber, Peter LaBarbera, and a host of others, all have something rancid to say about us. Most of it has become just vulgar, bland repetition and it rolls right off our collective backs. Yet every now and then, one of these types says something so viciously hateful that it must be answered. Today I am answering Gordon Klingenschmitt.

Now let's take a moment and discern the spirits. I want to put up there, again, this picture of this gay couple, these two men, holding up a baby.

Photo of two men holding a baby with the caption "95% Opposed Homosexual Abuse of Children."

And I want you to notice that one of them, one of the men almost has his tongue hanging out like he's licking his chops. Like "this baby is ours now." And that's fine. You may call that love. But it looks to me a little bit like lust. And when they crave to bring the children of heterosexual couples through adoption into their homes, so that they can raise them in the homosexual lifestyle. And studies now show, that up to 20% kids raised by gay couples become gay themselves. It is a recruiting tool. And it is a child abuse tool.

Gordon, you went a step too far today. Even though I'm only a friend to many LGBT parents, I'm taking it upon myself to send you this message on their behalf. You need to be shamed and shamed hard for this moment. It is one minute of smoldering condensed evil and your words speak only to your character, not to the minds of thinking people. I could delve into your bebunked statistics and your old tired chestnuts, but you aren't worth the time.

What is worth the time is noting your demeanor throughout that video. There wasn't a moment when you weren't expressing your absolute, non-negotiable hatred of LGBT people. From your body movements to your disdainful vocal inflections, they all spoke to the very reason why watchdogs like the SPLC remain vigilant and warn our country about people like you and your worrisome hatred.

One last thing, Gordon...it looks as though Right Wing Watch was reinstated to YouTube after you led a campaign to get them shut out for reporting on your very words.

Congratulations, Right Wing Watch. We need you now more than ever.

Originally posted to Steven Payne on Thu Nov 14, 2013 at 09:18 PM PST.

Also republished by Support the Dream Defenders.

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